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Posted on January 7, 2020

Meet Our Executive Chef Jonathan Minor

By Jesse Shaffer, General Manager

Executive Chef Jonathan MinorExecutive Chef Jonathan Minor moved to The United States from Mexico when he was just 16 years old. His first restaurant job in the U.S. was at a Greek restaurant in Queens, New York, working as a dishwasher. After 3 months of scrubbing, he made the best decision of his life by asking the Chef if he would give him a chance to learn how to cook, and the rest is history.

After conquering Greek cuisine, Chef had moved on to other endeavors as a pastry chef in a restaurant named Petite Abeille, adding another set of skills to his repertoire. Chef continued to climb the ladder and landed a job at Isabella’s restaurant in New York City as a sous Chef, where he learned to make fresh pasta. His “never quit” attitude and seemingly infinite work ethic got him his first job as a head chef at the prestigious Iridium Jazz Club where Les Paul himself had played many shows in his time.

His final job before leaving New York City was at the legendary Balthazar Brasserie, owned by famous restauranteur Keith McNally, known as “The Restauranteur Who Invented Downtown.” It was here that Chef Jonathan fell in love with French cuisine. Balthazar is so busy that they rent a refrigerated location across the street from the restaurant just to store their trash. They serve thousands of people every day of the week, and even have two full-time employees whose sole duty is to peel potatoes. It is through this long journey that Chef Jonathan acquired the ability to flawlessly execute any position in a kitchen.

I truly respect Chef Jonathan and I can honestly say that his food is the best I’ve ever had. Chef Jonathan never takes any shortcuts. Every sauce, every dressing, every dessert, and even our mayonnaise is made in house! He fillets our fish, our meats, and he will never hesitate to call one of our vendors if they send him a brown avocado. Since we reopened under new ownership and management in March, and we’re open 6 days a week, Chef Jonathan refuses to take a single day off, even though our owner and the entire staff encourage him to do so. He still won’t. His love for cooking and for this restaurant can only be understood by tasting one of our dishes, so come and find out for yourself and join us for dinner at 268 South Main Street in Wilkes Barre.