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Posted on December 3, 2019

Bon Appétit! Experience a Traditional French Meal

Picture this: You’re walking along the streets of Paris, the trees dusted in just the right amount of snow. Bundled in your most fashionable jumper and jacket, taking in the sights, you can’t help but notice the most delightful smell coming from a nearby establishment. 

You enter, naturally, because you’re in France and you must satisfy not only your hunger, but your desire to experience a traditional French meal. Walking inside, you’re amazed by the bistro classic appeal: rich woods, leather booths, mood lighting. You’re wine needs satisfied as you slip into a seat. It’s not just the meal you’re about to experience, but the atmosphere and adventure. 

Are you drooling? We certainly are. And we haven’t even reached the first course. What makes a traditional French meal such an exquisite experience? Pull up a seat and grab a glass. You’re in for a treat. 


While American’s call appetizers the start of a formal meal, in France the first course is called L’Apéritif. This course is more so a nibble and drink to get the evening started. Not exactly full appetizers, snacks and alcoholic drinks served here are meant to stimulate your senses.

Traditional foods include olives, peanuts, or a small piece of toast with a topping.


The meal begins with what Americans would more so consider appetizers. Here, the seasonality of foods becomes important. 

The dishes served during this course are a little heavier and filling. Want to try a dish yourself? Check out Martha Stewart’s Pears and Camembert

Le Plat Principal

Feeling hungry? Le Plat Principal is the third and main course of the traditional French meal. Traditional dishes will feature meat, poultry, or fish and a variety of sides. Examples include the delicious bœuf à la Bourguignonne

At Le Manhattan Bistro, we have our own Beef Bourguignon dish, served in red wine, slab bacon, and yukon gold mashed potatoes.

Le Fromage

Cheese, please! This course signals that the meal is coming to an end sometime soon. But not before guests can enjoy each other’s company without the interruption of changing dishes. Here, cheese boards with local cheeses, fruits, and breads would be served.

Thinking of incorporating French elements into your holiday meal? Check out this holiday inspired goat cheese spread

Le Dessert

Mmm. Dessert. No translation needed here. As guests have just worked through four courses, dessert is typically on the lighter side. 

This classic crème brûlée recipe will have you saying au revoir to your typical desserts. 

Le Café

At this point in the meal, guests are relaxed, company being enjoyed. Coffee can be served any way your guests prefer but make sure to include a square of chocolate! 

Le Digestif

Hours have passed, your guests are full. On to after dinner drinks. Typically, those who wish to partake will enjoy a nice brandy at the end of their meal with a cigar. 

Ready to experience a French meal yourself? 

Join us!

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