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Posted on June 30, 2020

A Map to French Cuisine

Like many other countries, France can be broken down into specific regions when it comes to its cuisine. The various regions are heavily influenced by their surroundings, some even bordering other countries and incorporating part of that neighboring country’s cuisine into their own. So, whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or a love for flavorful, hearty meals, France is sure to have a dish that will soon become your new favorite. 


The largest city in France, and also the capital, Paris is known for its amazing pastries and sweets. Across the city, you’ll find many cafes and patisseries, or bakeries specializing in French pastries and sweets. Did you know that French pastries are also known as patisseries? So both the shop and the treat have the same name. Strange, right? These types of pastries are very delicate and meticulously prepared, so much so that you must be trained extensively and licensed to create them. Some of the most popular sweets include: 

  • Macarons
  • Eclairs
  • Tarts, often with berries
  • Mont Blanc
  • Chocolates/Caramels

You can often find these items at cafes as well, along with other less-sweet, light dishes, such as omelets and croissants. 

Central France

One town located in central France that is quite famous is Burgundy, known for its wine. While the wine from the Burgundy region is one of a kind, the town boasts several well-known dishes that are unique as well. These dishes are rich in flavor and include:

Escargot, which is French for snail, is a dish consisting of cooked land snails. It is popular amongst the people of Burgundy and is a delicacy across the world.

Lorraine and Alsace

These two towns, located near Germany, have been influenced by German culture and cuisine for years. In fact, France and Germany have fought over the land that these two towns were built on for centuries. This region of France is where you will find the heartiest and heaviest meals in the whole country, steering away from the classic light and airy side of French food and often incorporating smoked meats such as sausage and pork. Lorraine is most known for its quiche lorraine, an open tart made with rich egg and ham. In Alsace, one meal that you’re likely to find is foie gras, which is made from duck or goose liver.


Located in the French Riveria region of France, this town is very close to Italy and therefore is influenced by their cuisine. Unlike other areas of the country, Provence often uses olive oil when cooking rather than butter or lard. One seasoning that you will see in nearly every dish is garlic. Aioli or garlic mayonnaise is most commonly associated with this region. If you’re a sauce-lover, Provence will not disappoint. 

A Taste of France with Le Manhattan Bistro – French Cuisine

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